2cm deep
4cm deep

Studio  one
AUTUMN BEAUTY, acrylic paint,glitter card,paper and glitter glue,60x60x4cm,$250+P&H
AUTUMN IN APRIL, 50Wx60x4cm, $250 +P&H
AUTUMN ABSTRACT, 40x40x2cm,acrylic paint and glitter glue,$150+P&H
THROUGH THE WINDOW, using foam for frame, 45x45x4cm, $160+P&H
VASE OF FLOWERS 2 ON CANVAS, 45x45x4cm, $160+P&H
Vase of Orange Flowers, 45x45x4cm, $150+P&H
BUSH LORIKEET, using felt, 46Wx56cm, framed with dark brown earthy frame, $100+P&H
NO.1,     50x40x2cm, $100+P&H
GLORY TO GOD 4,melted crayon,pastel, acrylic paint,paper,glitter, 20Wx25x4cm,$75+P&H
AUTUMN MOSAIC,acrylic paint,paper,ink,   glitter glue,50Wx60x4cm,$225+P&H
LAKESIDE GRASS, 18wx24x4cm, $75 +P&H
LAKE GUTHRIDGE, SALE, 40Wx30x2cm, $100+P&H
AUTUMN LEAVES, using felt, 30x30cm, with sloping sides, $95+P&H
RAINDROPS, 18wx24x4cm, $75 +P&H
COLOURS OF FIJI, THE EARTH, using felt, 23WX33x2cm, $75+P&H
COLOURS OF FIJI, THE CORAL, using felt, 23WX33x2cm, $75+P&H
GLORY TO GOD, 50wX60X4cm, using acrylic, glitter and textile,$225+P&H
AUTUMN TREE, 86wx76cm, $250+P&H
AUTUMN COLOURS, 45x45x4cm, $200+P&H
AUTUMN IN BLUE, 90Wx60x4cm, $225+P&H
SCATTERED LEAVES,acrylic paint,glitter card,paper,glitter glue,60x60x4cm,$225+P&H
GLORIOUS WATTLE, 45x45x4cm, using acrylic and textile, $200+P&H
AUSTRALIAN WATTLE, 60.9Wx45.7x4cm, acrylic paint, paper, crayon, $225+P&H
COLOURS OF FIJI, THE BOUGANVILLIA, using felt, 60Wx50x2cm, $250+P&H
COLOURS OF FIJI, THE GARDENS 1, using felt, 60Wx50x2cm, $250+P&H
COLOURS OF FIJI, THE GARDENS 3, using felt, 60x60x4cm, $250+P&H
SKY SONG, 50Wx60x4cm,$225+P&H
SKY SONG 2, 45.5Wx60x4cm,$225+P&H
SKY SONG 3, 50Wx60x4cm,$225+P&H
VASE OF FLOWERS 3, framed, $250+P&H
VASE OF FLOWERS, framed, 56Wx46cm,$250+P&H
BLUE VASE OF FLOWERS, 76wx50x4cm, $250+P&H
Vase of Pink Flowers, framed, 83wx57cm, $250+P&H
Vase of Red Flowers, 60x60x4cm, $225+P&H
LIGHT RAY, 42x42cm, $200+P&H
RED ROSE, 20wx25x4cm, acrylic on canvas, $35+P&H
AUTUMN COLOURS 2, 30wx40x2cm, acrylic and paper on canvas, $35+P&H
THE DEAD SEA, 40wx30x4cm, acrylic on canvas, $50+P&H
AUTUMN SAPLING, 30wx40x4cm, acrylic and paper on canvas, $50+P&H
AUTUMN MOSAIC 2, 36wx36x4cm, acrylic paint, paper, glitter glue, gems on canvas, $125+P&H
AUTUMN VINE, 40wx50x4cm, acrylic on canvas, $150+P&H
AUTUMN VINE 2, 60wx30x4cm, acrylic paint, paper, card, canvas and glitter glue on canvas, $250+P&H
AUTUMN VINE 3, 50wx60x4cm, acrylic paint, paper, card, pastel, on canvas, $250+P&H