Sponsor a child
When I was a teenager I wanted to be a Missionary, until I realized that things I don't particularly like lived in those places. So then I decided I would be an Air Hostess, but that involved people and paper bags, so that wasn't a good idea either. 
Over the years the desire to do missionary work faded, which goes to show that I wasn't really called of God to do it. But as I get older, my heart for the poor, oppressed and needy of the world grows stronger.
I may not have the ability to go, but I can certainly give. Those amazing, fearless people, who are called as missionaries, cannot go without financial help. That is something I can do. My husband and I support  those in need through World Vision. And there are many other trustworthy organizations doing the Lord's work of feeding the poor. 
Even though it seems such a huge job, and so many people are displaced, hungry, sick, abused, terrorized, and tortured and/or sold (child slavery) and it seems an impossibility to be able to make a difference, I look at it from the perspective that, the child you may be sponsoring, or the community you may be purchasing clean water for, may just end up being responsible for such radical change in their nations, for prosperity, freedom, change, and revival, that to do nothing is just as big, if not a bigger, injustice.
If we act justly, love kindness(mercy), and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8) then we will always hear the cries of help from those who are not just needier than us but those who are in dire need of our consideration and aid. Millions are dying from lack of the most simple necessities of life.
Imagine having no food to eat, no clean water to drink, and no home. We have it so easy.
Consider clicking on the World Vision link to help by sponsoring a child. You may think that your one child is not going to help much, but how do you know if your one child just may turn out to be the future leader of his/her nation. All because of your heart of obedience to God calling you to look after the poor and oppressed in the world. Wow!!!