A New Year of Possibilities . . . January 2016
Every year we all make ‘New Year Resolutions’. My not so secret wish now is that I could paint like Vincent Van Gogh. Very rarely, in fact sometimes never, do we  succeed at seeing them come to pass.
I have learnt over the past 12 months that to be able to attain to these promises that I make to myself  there are several things I need to do.
1. I need to begin each day in fellowship with God. Bid Him good morning and sit and pray with Him for a few minutes or as long as I like. Listen for His direction.
2. I need to be aware of my abilities , talents and desires. Catch a Vision of what I want to achieve. I need to look at what interests me, what I have a passion for, and concentrate on that in line with my actual abilities and  talents. Free my mind from handicaps. If I need to do some study, or a course, or go to the gym,  to be able to achieve my desired outcome, then do it.
3. Set goals. When I have a blueprint for my life, each day will be a success. These goals should cover Spiritual, Personal and Physical aspects of my life.
4. Remember God’s promises. His Word is filled with promise after promise. Look at the Gospels. These promises are fulfilled by me, by faith in His Word.
5. I need to know my limitations as well as my abilities. Don’t be unrealistic about what I want to achieve.
6. Sow my time into good projects and activities, which will produce bountiful harvests. Don’t waste time. Good seed reaps a great harvest. Bad seed reaps nothing.
7. The effects of what I do with my time here on earth will go on forever. Even the smallest act of kindness (good seed) will ultimately bring eternal reward. I need to get to know Jesus more and accept Him as my Saviour. The greatest treasure anyone possesses is one’s soul. Making sure my soul is in line with God’s will for my life is the greatest ’New Year Resolution' I can make.