Open Doors
Very briefly, and to the point . . . There are Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith. For believing in Jesus. They are ridiculed, taunted, beaten, kicked out of their homes, thrown into prison (nothing like ours) . . . are tortured, have their homes destroyed, and their churches and some even die for their faith. We are so lucky to live in the Nation we live in where we are free to worship without any fear of retribution. North Korea is the worst according to the official World Watch List which is constantly being reviewed and each year Open Doors posts a new one of the 50 most persecuted nations with prayer points for us to follow. It is horrendous and when you see the world map on their website you will be shocked to see what a huge chunk of the world treats their citizens so disgracefully. Please have a look at this situation and even consider giving a regular amount to help pay for bibles being taken into these  countries (by very brave people, I may add) to these believers who continue to witness despite the danger.
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The map below is a very poor one, I know, but at present it is the only one I have available of 2018. The colours denote severity of persecution, red being the most severe.