My Favourite Things
Antarctica 1
Antarctica 2
Antarctica 3
Clare, my daughter-in-law
Two Friends
Clare & Pat, my son
Iceland Volcano 1
Iceland Volcano 2
Iceland Volcano 3
Universe 1
Universe 2
Universe 3
Glory to God, by Levi
Soccer at Sunset 2017
Easter Egg Picture 2017
Glory to God, by Archie
Birdie Picture 2017
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves 2
Christmas Bauble
Frost on the Grass 2
Ink Pattern
Leaves on the Wet Ground
Mushrooms in my Front Yard
Pastel Drawing
Wall 2
Hat 1
First buy
Beck and Tim's Wedding
From a friend, all the way from USA
From the same friend
Gift from a very special friend
Hat 2
Hat 3
I purchased this from The Big E in Sanfrancisco, in 1974. It used to have a big feather in it!!!
Wearing my Big E hat on a Sanfrancisco bay cruise in 1974
Men's section in Target
Patrick and Clare's Autumn Wedding
Pressie from Kath
Blue very wide-brimmed
Cool with matching Scarf
Grey Knit from Target
I love this beanie, but its hot because it is all wool
Autumn in Victoria Garden's Sale
Glory to God one
Glory to God two
New Year
The Garden
The Garden 2
Southern Cross Autumn
Music That Colours The Sky
Candy Canes
A Song That Colours The Sky
Spring  Flowers
Grace That Colours The Sky
A Melody That Colours The Sky
Christmas Party