About My Word
The My Word!  pages came from my desire to share my faith with others.

All of the subjects covered have come from what I have learnt as I have been reading God's Word or from some very fabulous reading I have done of various Christian authors.

In early 2009, even though I had been a Christian for many years, I realized that I had never read through the entire Bible, and I felt God prompting me to undertake this enormous task.

I was dissatisfied with where I was not at with God and had stopped, once again, attending church.

Each one of us, no matter how wonderful a Christian upbringing we have had, must receive our own personal conviction from God to be able to own our own salvation.

I was raised in mainstream church, but over the years I have come to a deeper understanding  of who God is and who His Son Jesus is to me in my life.

I have always believed and know without a doubt that God the Father is the One True God and that the only way to Him is through His Son Jesus Christ.

So to be able to succeed at reading the sixty-six books that make up the  Bible (because I wanted to do it in one year) I had to work out my own schedule (because if I was going to spend all that time doing my own roster then I was definitely going to stick to it) and not rely on somebody else's chart.

So I did just that, and worked out how many chapters I needed to read per week day, and started. I got about half way through 2009 and stumbled. But I was not going to give up and finally, in early 2010, I resumed my reading, and by September had succeeded in completing the entire bible. It took longer in time to do, but only a little over 12 months reading time, so I was happy. And quite amazed that I had succeed at such a feat.

During the course of my journey, I took many notes. I have discovered many things about God that I want to share with you. Plus, since that time, I have re-read through the Bible almost three more times. Each time, I see something I didn't before.

I really hope you enjoy sharing with me. 

I will be praying that you are touched by God's Love, Mercy, and Grace as you read, because even though I don't know you personally, doesn't mean God cannot hear my prayer and bless you this very day. Shalom, Angela.

Sing Praises